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Industrial peace and harmony for socioeconomic development of Sri Lanka

To facilitate tripartite constituents to develop and maintain productive labour relations throgh education, research and training.

The National Institute of Labour Studies (NILS) looks forward to be the most reputed organization in its fields of specialization in the Asia.

The NILS has twined with few international organizations such as the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the V.V.GiriNational Labour Institute of India to elevate its activities to the international level.

Achieving the objective on provision of consultancy and advisory services, the institute has served several State and Corporate sector Organizations by conducting research and studies leading to completion of Corporate Plans, strategic plans, action plans, feasibility studies, financial evaluations and procedure manuals for various production and service sector organizations.

Labour Law & Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management and Workplace Productivity are the three major subject areas addressed by the National Institute of Labour Studies in-order to achieve the objectives of the institute. The three subject areas are assigned to three different divisions and range of services and courses such as Training Workshops, Short-term Courses, Certificate and Diploma programmes.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Institute appointed as per the provisions of the Act is the” Director General”, who is responsible to execute the duties delegated from time to time by the “Board of Governors”.

The Institute is administered by a “Board of Governors” appointed by the Hon. Minister in-charge of the subject of Labourin Sri Lanka as per the powers vested on him by the above Act.

The Institute was legally incorporated by the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka by the National Institute of Labour Studies Act, no. 12 of 2010, certified on the 06th October 2010.

National Institute of Labour Studies (NILS) was established on 11th September 2007 as a Professional body with the objective of providing education, training, consultancy and advisory services to tripartite constituents with the aim of facilitating workplace harmony Under the Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations, Sri Lanka.


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